FOXNOVO Virtual Reality Headset 3D Smartphone VR Goggles

SKU: 1704Z5V6X11M0T06CFJL53
Want to enjoy the virtual world at home? Come and take our product home. It will bring an amazing enperience for you. Whether you want to play a game, take a virtual vacation, or watch a movie, the possibilities with VR world are limitless. It will turn your smart phone into your own theater or 3D gaming machine and immerse yourself in life-changing virtual world.

- Brand: FOXNOVO.
- Color: Black and white.
- Material: Resin.
- Size: Approx. 22 x 13 x 10.7cm/ 8.7 x 5.12 x 4.2 inch (LxWxH).
- Pupil distance: 64-78mm.
- Object distance: 40-54mm.
- Lens: Optical Blu-ray Lens (Blocking blue light, Ultra HD).
- Others: Support for myopia users within 800 degree.
- Adjustable focal and distance length. Focal length has a range of 20mm while distance adjusts up to 5mm.
- With military technology and eyes protection, it changes your mobile phone into a theater, and gives you 360 degree immersive VR experience.
- 360 viewing and gaming, perfect for video, movies, games, etc. and convenient use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing.
- The adjustable headband keeps the virtual reality headset safe and secure so you can move around with ease.
- Fit for all IOS and Android smartphones with screen sizes 4.5-6.0 inch.

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