Foot Massager Scrubber

About the product
  • FOOT MASSAGER SCRUBBER: Cleanse, exfoliate and massage your feet while standing in the tub or shower. Securing to the floor of a tub or shower, the dual antimicrobial bristles contour to the foot, stimulating circulation and massaging tired and aching feet.
  • IMPROVE CIRCULATION: The scrubbing & brushing effect provided by our non-slip foot massager scrubber has been shown to boost blood flow in order to support healthy circulation in the feet & legs
  • EXFOLIATES TO SMOOTH SKIN: Not only does the massaging & brushing soothe & enhance circulation. The soft yet firm scrubbing bristles also gently exfoliate away dead skin to reveal smoother, healthier feet
  • FOR USE IN SHOWER OR BATHTUB: Strong suction cup base allows the foot scrubber to easily be attached to the floor of any shower stall or bathtub. Great for those with back, hip or knee problems
  • EASY TO USE, EASY TO CLEAN: Made out of a silicone material & fitted with ultra flex fiber bristles, our foot massager scrubber is incredibly convenient. Pour soap on top to lather & then rinse the pad before air drying

Product description

Easy to Use Foot Cleaner
The foot scrubber effectively cleanses, exfoliates, stimulates and massages your feet. Simple to use, the ergonomic foot scrubber securely attaches to the bottom of any tub or shower. Used with any type of soap or cleanser, the foot scrubber is antimicrobial and latex-free. Perfect for anyone with diabetes, arthritis, hip, knee or back pain, as well as pregnant women and athletes.

Cleanse and Exfoliate
This handy foot scrubber securely attaches to the bottom of a shower stall or bathtub, so you can easily scrub and exfoliate your feet without having to awkwardly bend or balance on one foot. Great for proper foot care, the densely packed ultra-flex bristles provide a deep and thorough cleaning of the feet and in-between toes while removing dead skin, leaving your feet healthier and your skin smoother.

Stimulate Blood Flow
Proper blood circulation is critical for good health, and when in use this foot massager and scrubber promotes healthy circulation in the feet and legs by stimulating blood flow. The Healthstar foot scrubber and massager is ideal for daily use to soothe tired achy feet, promote better blood flow and reduce the discomfort experienced from poor circulation.

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