30M Waterproof LED Sports Watch


- Standard display: Hour, minute, second, month, date, week
- Cold light function for night to see
- Stopwatch stage timekeeping function
- Alarm and Snooze function for you have a good sleeping
- Hourly chime function
- Service temperature: 5-35 degree Celsius
- Degree of accuracy at normal temperature: +/- 60 seconds per month
- Battery: 1.5V high-capacity alkaline Zn-Mn button battery (Built-in)
- Life of battery: able to supply power for 18 months under the following situation
- 1. One illumination operation per day
- 2. One alarm operation per day


- Silicone wrist band for comfortable wearing.
- Precise movement.
- Stainless steel back cover.
- Precise time and keep good time.
- Battery included in the watch.
- Water resistant (not for diving/swimming).
- Good present for your children and relatives and friends who you love.

Buttons Functions

- M-Mode: Function select button.
- S-Start: Digit carry button, date display button, stopwatch timekeeping on / off button.
- R-Reset: Time adjust button, alarm time display, stopwatch reset button.
- Note: Different models have different designs, but have same functions and operation ways.


- You can wear it while swimming or washing car, but don't press any buttons in water.
- Don't wear it in broiling or freezing environment.
- Don't wear it in puissant electric field, static or high cycle environment.
- Do not drop it onto hard ground. The watch can bear normal shake but hard shock. Any rough use or hard shock may cause damage.
- Don't wear it in the places having gasoline, detergent, spraying agent, adhesion agent, oil paint, etc. Their chemical action would damage sealing ring, watchcase and watch surface.
- Rinse watch surface with soft cloth and clear water. Don't use chemicals.

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